Smith & Smith Farms

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***** We are sorry to say we are all SOLD OUT of Thanksgiving Turkeys!!!! *****

Turkey Pick up location and times for tomorrow, Tuesday 11/21 are as follows :

Mueller - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Barton Creek- 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Cedar Park - 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Texas sized Turkey! (51.08 lbs.) 


Who We Are

Smith & Smith Farms is a small family operated farm. We specialize in pasture raised meats that are hormone and antibiotic free. We established this business in 2008 after I (Colby Smith) got layed off from my job of 10 years. The whole family gets out there and works the farm and the markets. That would include myself,my wife Katie, my mother Angela, my brother Cory, my wifes grandpa Frank (Papa), and my wifes mother Lisa. We have recently added a new member to the farm, my daughter Paisley. She is always out at the markets and loves the farm life! Our farm is located in Rogers, Texas about 17 miles east of Temple. We are also in the process of expanding the farm to my new home in Burlington, Texas. All together we have 50 acres that we raise Dorper Lambs, all different breeds of laying hens, Cornish Rock meat chickens, Red wattle hogs, and our new venture Broad Breasted White Turkeys. All of the animals on the farm are free range and roam around every where! They are all as happy as can be. We do several markets in the Austin areas. Wednesday evenings we are at The Triangle in Austin, Saturdays we are at Cedar Park in the Lakeline Mall parking lot, Barton Creek in the parking lot across from the mall, and Downtown Market in Austin.On Sundays we are at the Mueller Farmers Market in the old hanger in Austin. We strive and work hard to provide the best and freshest product for our customers. We Thank you all for supporting your local farmer, without the customer we wouldn't be able to accomplish all that we have. 

Thank you, 

The Smiths

Who's Who at the Markets.....

Colby Smith


I work the Downtown Maret in Austin on Saturdays, occasionally the Cedar Park Market on Saturdays, and the Mueller Market on Sundays!

Frank Thrower 

Katie's Grandfather

He usually helps out at the Downtown and Barton Creek Market on Saturdays! 

Katie Smith

Colby's Wife

She usually works the Barton Creek Farmers Market on Saturdays and She also helps out at the Mueller Market on Sundays sometimes! 

Lisa Farrell 

Katie's Mom

She usually makes an appearance at the Barton Creek Market with my wife and daughter Paisley!

Angela Smith


Angela usually works the Cedar Park Market with my brother, Cory, on Saturdays and occasionally works the Muller Market on Sundays!

Cory Smith 

Colby's Brother

Colby's twin brother usually works the Cedar Park Market on Saturdays with Angela!

Paisley Smith

Colby's Daughter

Paisley occasionally goes  to the Barton Creek Market on Saturdays with Katie  and the Mueller Market on Sundays with Colby and Katie!